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Our main premises are in Kilsyth where all of our goods are hand made from scratch to supply our functions and also our two busy shops.

Our first shop is in Kilsyth and is one of the busiest shops in the town. Everybody knows Alex Graham's and they have come to expect a high standard of food and quality home baked goods.

This shop is a bakers shop, tearoom and busy takeaway, serving everything from fresh rolls, pastries, wraps baguettes, cakes,  scones, fresh salads and our famous macaroni cheese and steak pie.

Our other busy shop is in Croy serving all the local and surrounding areas. Croy also serves the same mouth watering delights as our other shop and our outstanding bakery products.

In both shops orders can be placed and ready in minutes.

We also specialise in wholesale orders. For more information on how we can provide for your business, please contact us.

Our products really are second to none and people travel all over just to sample our bakery products which we are very proud of. We invite you to do the same!