Adding Flavour to Your Celebrations

Elevate the spirit of your sportsman's dinner with our bespoke catering offerings. Designed to complement the festive atmosphere of your event, our menus are crafted to match the energy and vibrancy of the occasion.

We understand the importance of creating a memorable experience that resonates with the celebration. Our dedicated team works to curate a menu that not only aligns with the essence of the event but also adds a touch of culinary excellence.

From succulent mains to delightful accompaniments, we strive to create a dining experience that elevates the event and leaves a lasting impression on all attendees. We aim to add that extra touch of flavour to your celebration, ensuring that the dining experience is as commendable as the event itself.

Alex Graham Bakers & Catering

Sportsman's Dinner Packages

Tea & Coffee available on request.

All packages are shown for inspiration. Everything can be tailored to your needs, just let us know.

Alex Graham Bakers & Catering

Included with All Sportsman's Dinner

Included with every package we offer is everything you need for a successful event. Our team will work with you in advance of the event to work out timings and attendee numbers.

We'll arrive promptly in advance of the event, deliver everything promised and ensure everything you need is taken care of.

Each event includes crockery, cutlery, paper table cloths and waitress service.

We also offer some optional extras - including tableware, cloth tablecloths and napkins and additional staff to assist with serving and clearing - just let us know what you need and we'll be sure to take care of everything.